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Model PW-12

Model PW-12


The totally redesigned Alpha PW-12 powered weigh table series checkweigher is your reliable, accurate checkweighing solution for pouches, bags, and soft-sided containers up to 8 pounds (3.63 kg.)  The new Model PW-12 consists of a  versatile strain gauge load cell, CEREBUS IV controls with touch screen operator interface, and a rugged stainless steel frame.  A continuous conveyor belt moves packages across the scale for consistent and accurate weighing.

Useful short term and batch statistics come standard with the CEREBUS IV controlled PW-12. Individual weight or production statistic can be exported via RS-232 or other communication devices.


  • All weighing operations are centrally controlled from our powerful and flexible CEREBUS IV Checkweighing System.
  • The CEREBUS IV provides a simplified menu and selection structure for all weight setup, control, calibration and testing functions.
  • Setup Programs can be easily entered for each size, weight, container, or package.
  • As a standard, 25 programs can be stored in memory: recalled for use through the touch screen operator entry.
  • No confusing re-programming and lengthy data entry when changing products, sizes, or weights.
  • Exclusive Automatic Calibration feature adjusts your package weight with all relevant operating parameters for optimum accuracy and checkweighing efficiency.
  • Dedicated Test Cycle menu provides easy-to-use selections for all major testing and diagnostic functions.
  • Full-featured Status menu allows display of important weight, class, and operating information directly at the control panel.

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