Model HW-15


Alpha Checkweigher
Alpha Checkweigher
Alpha Checkweigher
Alpha Checkweigher

The Alpha Model HW-15 Checkweigher is designed for fast, accurate weight control of cases, bulk bagged products, corrugated boxes, or other large, heavy containers. It consists of a versatile strain gauge weightable system mounted on a sturdy, welded, all-steel frame. A continuous, non-conveyor belt moves packages for instant weighing. The solid, extruded polyester resin, smooth finish belt wears better, cleans up faster, and lasts longer.

The innovative drive system used in the Model HW-15 provides an efficient, low noise method of transporting packages over the weighing area of the checkweigher. Motor, gearbox, and bearings are sealed within the shell of the roller operating in a continuous oil bath. Separate drive and components, such as chains, drive belts, idlers, couplings, and pulleys are eliminated. Maintenance and servicing is limited to replacing lubrication oil every 10,000 hours of service (up to 5 years). Since nothing rotates except the drive roller, the possibility of injuries and accidents is reduced.

The HW-15 can be supplied with optional in-feed and/or discharge conveyors to accommodate both new and existing production lines. Reject devices are also available as options to remove unacceptable packs from the line.


  • All weighing operations are centrally controlled from our powerful and flexible Cerebus III Checkweighing System.
  • The Cerebus III provides a simplified menu and selection structure for all weight setup, control, calibration and testing functions.
  • Different Setup Programs can be easily entered for each size, weight, container, or package.
  • A total of 25 different programs can be stored in memory: recalled for use with a simple keypad entry.
  • No confusing re-programming and lengthy data entry when changing products, sizes, or weights.
  • Exclusive Automatic Calibration feature adjusts your package weight with all relevant operating parameters for optimum accuracy and checkweighing efficiency.
  • Dedicated Test Cycle menu provides easy-to-use selections for all major testing and diagnostic functions.
  • Full featured Status menu allows display of important weight, class, and operating information directly at the control panel.
  • Entire control panel may be mounted onto checkweigher frame, in a freestanding remote console, or supplied separately for wall mounting.

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