Semi-Automatic Piston Fillers

Semi-Automatic Piston Fillers.

All-Fill’s line of semi-automatic piston fillers can fill volumes as little as 5 ml up to over 1 gallon. This line includes table-top models such as the Model 205 and Model 305 as well as more robust units such as the Model 505.

During a filling cycle, a piston travels back to draw product from the hopper into a precision machined cylinder, then extends forward to fill. Product is dispensed into the container through a filling nozzle and/or cutoff device. Various nozzle configurations are available for specific products. Cutoffs prevent product from dripping after the fill.

Features include all stainless steel construction and pneumatic operation ideal for wash-down environments and hazardous locations. Simple volume adjustment can be achieved using a hand crank. Secondary fill speed is used for tapered neck containers and various cylinder sets, nozzles, cutoffs, and accessories are available depending upon a particular application. Conveyors and indexing packages are available for fully automatic operation.

Model 205

A compact, single nozzle, semi-automatic piston liquid filler for liquids, creams, pastes, and other viscous products dispensed in smaller capacity applications. Volumes dispensed can range from 5 to 50 ml (up to 1.69 fl. oz.) per cycle. Compact size makes...

Model 305

The Model 305 is a versatile single head piston liquid filler for liquids, creams, pastes and other viscous products. Fill volumes can range from .25 oz to 87 oz per cycle with up to 60 fills per minute in either manual or automatic operation. During a filling cycle, a piston travels back to...

Model 505

The heavy duty, single nozzle piston liquid filler for all types of liquids, creams, pastes, gels, etc. containing particulate matter up to 7/8″ in diameter. Volumes dispensed can range from 8 fl. oz. to over a gallon per cycle, depending on model selected. During a filling cycle...

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