Volumetric Cup Filler

Achieve up to 60% more volume by expanding the cups as seen above
  • Utilizing Servo technology the All-Fill Model VC-SV offers an economical way to accurately dispense products ranging from rice to pop-corn while reducing downtime, wear, parts, and maintenance. The servo filler’s high cycle rate enables speeds of up to 120/minute. The unique design and small foot print allow this unit to be used as a standalone filler, in combination with an auger filler for blending of two different products into a single pouch like cake mixes or soup mixes.  The Model VC-SV can also be integrated with a VFFS machine.
  • The two station VC-2 semi automatic model is ideal for low cycle rate applications. Constructed with stainless steel and other approved product contact parts, operators can expect a durable long lasting machine that will time-in and time-out bring profit to your bottom line. Delivered standard…
  • PLC controls with color touch screen enable the user to adjust settings such as speed, charge time and multi-drop. The Volumetric Filler can be integrated into a conveyor, cartoning machine, horizontal pouching system or VFFS. When integrated with another system the HMI can be removed and directly controlled through the packaging machine.


  • Available in 4 or 6 cups
  • 1.5 ft³ Hopper
  • Max Speed of 80
  • .25in³ – 100in³ Volume Range
  • Electrical: 200V-460V
  • Servo Drive Motor
  • AB PLC Control

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