The All-Fill and Auger Fab Relationship

All-Fill Inc. has been in business for almost 50 years and Auger Fabrication for almost 35 years now. Even after all these years, end users and OEM’s alike still ask us to define the relationship between the two companies. If you get a chance to view the About Us section of our website and view our company history, you will find the history behind these companies explained in detail. To keep things simple, however, here is a quick summary.

All-Fill Inc. is a manufacturer of packaging machinery. To be more specific, half of our machines are auger filling machines. To date, it is best estimated that there are over 18,000 All-Fill auger fillers in the field. As these auger fillers run different products over time, the augers and funnels begin to wear and need to be replaced. This is where Auger Fabrication comes into play. Richard Edginton recognized that end users and OEM’s needed a reliable vendor that could make any OEM auger or funnel for their auger filling machinery. Essentially Auger Fabrication’s best customer is All-Fill Inc., but Auger Fabrication also sells their tooling and replacement parts to many different industries with perhaps the most popular industry being packaging.

The common goal of both All-Fill and Auger Fabrication is to ensure that we can handle any filling application that is presented to us. Both companies are glad to accept sample products and containers to test for free in our state-of-the-art lab testing facility. Located under the same roof since 1993, All-Fill and Auger Fabrication continue to collaborate constantly sharing information and databases to reach everyone with auger filling applications. In addition to the packaging industry, Auger Fabrication also handles any metering application whether it be vertical (auger) or horizontal (processing and dosing). If you have an All-Fill auger filler or any other auger filler, we can design and manufacture the tools to bring your filler back to life once again.

All-Fill and Auger sales people and engineers are standing by to help with your next project! Please feel free to chat with us online, email us directly via or reach out via phone at 610-524-7350.



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