Top 3 Reasons to Test Your Product

It’s very important to test your product before buying a filling machine. Some customers do their research, find out that a similar product to theirs runs well on an auger filler, buy said filler, then find out their product doesn’t run well on it at all. Perhaps a vibratory filler would have been better. This is one reason why we at All-Fill recommend testing your product on a filler before you buy one. The following are more reason why testing your product is a good idea.

Run Properly

Nobody wants to have their product bridging (or getting stuck while filling) while they are attempting to fill hundreds of bottles a day. If you have have a vibratory filler, this can create starved pans (or empty pans), which will slow you down. If this is a constant problem, it becomes a waste of time and money. This is a very important reason to test your product on a filling machine before you buy it.

The environment can play a factor as well. If you are filling in a very cold environment like a giant freezer, without the right machine or tooling, you could see some hangups and even some complete stops. In the opposite case where you’re filling in a hot environment, depending on your product, the product can become sticky and prevent proper flow. If hot and cold aren’t a factor, is your environment clean? A dusty product can collect and seize up your machine. A clean machine is a happy machine.

Also does your product drip after it fills? If you have constant drip, not only are you making and mess and getting less accurate fills, but you’re wasting precious product! Testing your product beforehand would yield that you need a drip washer, or a cut-off.


This is sort of a give and take. All-Fill strives to give you the best filling speed with the most accuracy, but sometimes it’s one or the other. To some, an exact weight doesn’t matter, so long as their product is filled quickly to achieve a set amount of containers per minute. However, depending on their product, this could be tricky. If a product is sticky by nature, this may call for special tooling to help mitigate the sticky product. All-Fill can do this by running your product through a variety of our machines and tooling to see which will yield the best results. Or, say you have an average product that doesn’t cause too much trouble like ground coffee, and you want to crank out 200 containers per minute. Through testing, we can recommend a DHA, or Dual Head Auger, which can easily achieve this for you.


To others, weight is more important than speed. Whether you are adhering to certain standards, your product is just naturally slow moving, or you just want to be as accurate as possible. Filling to a specific weight is a more slow yet precise process. All-Fill will meticulously run and weigh your product over and over with different speeds, revolutions, and tooling until we reach your ideal weight.

Testing your product is something we can never recommend enough. We want you to have a successful filling system with as little errors as possible. If you are curious about how we test your product, feel free to visit our Product Tests section of our Media Gallery. You can also send us a message on our chat platform, shoot us an email at, or call us at 610-524-7350. We are more than happy to help you with your filling needs.



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